Resolutions Passed and Current Efforts

Find the full list of states and towns that have passed resolutions!

View Resolutions and Ballot Initiatives in a larger map

How to Use the Map:

  1. Enlarge the map
  2. Use the map key and list on the left hand side to find a resolution effort in a town near you. The list is alphabetical by state, then city and has multiple pages. Make sure you go to the next page if your state is later in the alphabet or your city will not show up on the map.
  3. Click on a dot to reveal details about the resolution effort in that community.
  4. If there is no effort in your area, or if a resolution has already passed there, contact your organization or e-mail us at to get one started or offer help in other ways.
  5. What Can I Do If a Resolution Already Passed In My Town/ City? (PDF)

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